Alma Jane
A welcome addition to the dive site is the larger wreck of the Elma Jane. Sunk in March 2003 it is an all steel inter-island freighter. About 33m long, 10m high and 8m wide, it lies upright on its keel in 30m depth. The descent down the line gives a great sight of the mast and bows rising high off the bottom. It has already attracted lots of bait fish and a couple of large emperor. An excellent subject for wide angle photography.
A short swim up the reef past "St.Christopher" takes you to "Lalaguna Point". Here too frogfish are common. Looking like dinosaurs they ambush their prey. One of the fastest 'gulps' in nature they are able to swallow almost the same size of fish as themselves. The reef here is great not just for divers, but also for snorkelers

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