Immigration requirements Passport valid 6 months beyond the end of the vacation.
Visa required only for vacations longer than 21 days
Documents - Passport
- Scuba Diving License (only if you intend to go scuba diving)
Vaccinations No particular vaccination necessary
Telephone / SMS You may bring your mobile phone along. The signal is very clear and covers almost the entire Philippines
Internet / Email Accessible anytime at Fishermen's Cove
Miscellaneous Sun protection lotion with high SPF factor
Time Zone 7 hours ahead of Europe (6 hours during daylight-saving time)
Currency The local currency is Peso. We recommend to bring along Euro or US$ in bills of 100.- denomination
Language Official languages are Filipino and English
Water Temperature Between 24° and 30° Celsius
Climate Tropical climate throughout the year. At sea level, temperatures rarely fall below 27°C (80°F). Between June and October rainfalls occur more likely than during the rest of the year
Voltage 220V, 60Hz